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erik mabry sims -- freelance audio, video, web production in seattle, wa

audio: protools certified, experience working with logic pro, ableton live, recording in studio as well as live, off-site environments.
video: experience working with premier pro as well as building/tearing down sets, live video, video proecessing, and post-production.

freelance - media producer - 2011 - present
audio - recording, editing, post-production, production assist
video - editing, post-production, production assist
web - front-end development, html/css, wordpress

kube-tv - media producer - 2014 - 2015
web development using wordpress, camera work in studio, live, and on-location, set build/tear-down

forward marketing - web developer - 2011 - 2013
content writing, web development with wordpress, managing interns

seattle recording arts - audio engineering
audio engineer certification, pro tools certification, ableton certification

alvin community college -- radio/tv
aas in radio/tv broadcasting, radio host/producer

references available upon request